Medical Blood SPO2 Oximeter Sensor APMKorea

  Optic Sensing Technology


Reflectance Wearable PPG Sensor

DCM07T with Body Temp Sensing

DCM06B for Wrist Artery

 Smallest Sensor DCM10

Vein Finder DCM08

Strong Sensor Array DCM07

4 Lighting FLPPG Sensor DCM06



 PPG Kit (DCM02)

SDPPG Kit (DCM03 & DCM05)

¡ßSDPPG SW(12M) Guide / Application


¡ßFLPPG SW(4.1M) Guide


¡ßFLATPPG SW(4.2M) / Guide

spo2 oximeter blood sensor maker profile

Pulse Oximetry SpO2 Transmittance Finger Sensor

For Reusable SpO2 sensor DDL2002H with strong heat sink

Design tips for pulse oximeter PPG detection

For Conventional Various Oximetry models


    oximeter spo2 module.jpg

Oximetry for Neonatal Incubator

Demo SpO2 Module / PC program(1.3M)

Demonstrate SPO2 by APM module Video demo on PC

SpO2 Module Technical Datasheet



 NIBP module.jpg

PC SW(0.6M)

Medicall Chennai 2019 India

DCM03 Pulse Oximeter design by TI 

Texas Instruments tested DCM03

APM in Medicare Taiwan 2013

APM in 9th WTA Hitech Fair

Presented in WTA Hi-Tech Korea

Mr. Han presented global collaboration APM sensors Video demo at the Conference

Presented in Technology Road Show China



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